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My name is Alain Amouyal. I am a composer.
My musical patronymic is AEva. It is the living symbol of the Eternal Couple to whom each one of us aspires ever since the night of times and who has inspired numerous creators…( Orpheus & Eurydice, Tristan & Iseult, Romeo & Juliette…)

When I observed, about twenty years ago, that the music I improvised calmed patients that came to consult me at my dental office, I decided to entrust my recordings to my doctor and music therapist friends who taught me this music's capacity to trigger catharsis in many of their own sick patients...

Day after day, I recorded the music that "came" to me, and little by little, I realized that it was telling a story... in accordance to a plan that escaped my understanding... but whose essence had a powerful effect on me... and on others...

This story was none other than one of a musician, who like Orpheus, had come back to Earth to find Eurydice again and with her, he was able to use his lyre... according to a journey to discover, to live from day to day...

25 years went by... I found my Eurydice again and I retrospectively wrote the story of our reunion, in music… Thus, this music, inspired by Her, had only one goal - to make the stages of the reconquest of this eternal love appear, buried deep within my cells... and to tell the adventure to others in order to arouse in them the sense of possible...

After "improvisations" on the organ and synthesizers and studies that followed, the first orchestration elements revealed the "spectacular" orientation of this music that "stimulates the imagination", as said by many listeners.

" Orpheus, the Seal of the Eternal Couple " is the Project of my life. The originality of this project lies first of all in the fact that it is a lived adventure, and secondly that the music initiated the story... creating a universal human adventure that is ageless...the story of a musician who sets off for the reconquest of his Beloved in the 21st century.

Orpheus is a project for a Grand Interactive Multimedia Show which offers to unite different forms of expression and avant-garde scenography where music, dance, film, and virtual images will find their place in an epic that will have the vastness of big shows created in the past in mythical places like Epidauros, in Greece.

The CD " Frames for a Fairy Tale ", that I had the privilege to record at Abbey Road Studios with the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra, in December 1999, represents only 5% and just a few aspects of the total musical work.

Thank you for your visit, and please don't hesitate to contact me.

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