Andrea Steckermeier-Thiele

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Andrea Steckermeier-Thiele

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Composer Piece Samples Harp - Andrea Steckermeier-Thiele
Paul Hindemith Sonate
1. Mässig schnell
2. Lebhaft RAM | WMA
3. Sehr langsam
Marcel Grandjany Fantasie sur un théme de Haydn, op. 31
4. Introduction
5. Théme de Haydn
6. Variation 1
7. Variation 2
8. Variation 3
9. Variation 4
10. Variation 5
Nino Rota Sarabanda e Toccata per arpa
11. Soliloquy for Solo Flute
12. Toccata
Pierick Houdy Sonate
13. Allegro moderato
14. Lento
15. Vivo
Benjamin Britten
(1895 - 1963)
Suite for Harp, op. 83
16. Overture
17. Toccata RAM | WMA
18. Nocturne
19. Fugue
20. Hymn "St. Denio"
Marcel Grandjany 21. Rhapsodie pour la harpe

About This CD

Paul Hindemith's (1895 - 1963) Sonata for harp solo, recital from October 1939, was done in the middle of his productive period: a time toward the end of the 30's when he created sonatas for a variety of instruments.

The third movement, a song, having the character of a lyrical "song without words", which follows a poem by Hölty, expresses Hindemith's mood of melancholy and departure before his imminent emigration made necessary by the heightened political situation in Germany with the coming of the second world war.

Both compositions from Grandjany (1891 - 1975) were undeniably composed by a harpist. Marcel Grandjany, born in Paris, died in New York, studied harp at the Paris conservatory with, among others, Henriette Renié, to whom he dedicated his Rhapsodie for harp. He enriched the harp composition with ways of style from the organ literature in that he also allowed similarities to the choral techniques to flow in.

Sarabanda e Toccata from Nino Rota (1911 - 1979) represents a blending of the traditional baroque form and the direct, uncomplicated musical expression. In this work he reveals his roots as an Italian composer, whose melodic richness of ideas has an inexhaustible effect. In his harp compositions baroque forms blend with methods of style form film music.

Pierick Houdy (born 1929), with his Sonata for harp solo from 1955, is the next representative of classical harp literature in the 20th. Turning to the sonata form, as well as the arrangement of the movements - allegro moderato - lento - vivo point to tradition and the role-model character of old forms.

Benjamin Britten (1895 - 1963) composed a dynamic bow in his Suite which, from forte in the corner movements Overture and Hymn to "impressionistically" soft Nocturne in the middle part of the work, descends to rise again to the Hymn. In this way the Suite builds a completely symmetrical unit.

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