all the Boys and GIrls by Larry Russell

Published in 2000 by Writer's Club Press

All the Boys and Girls, by Larry RussellAll the Boys and Girls
A series of vignettes concerning
the Southwest, the Great Depression,
and the coming of age of a boy named Adam

A world of zest and despair, joy and pain, and joi de vivre during the Great Depression. A text of uncompromising affection for life, expressed with gentle humor in a soul-touching series of vignettes on growing up during the Great Depression.

Introducing B.J., Annie, and Adam Trimble and the irascible "Uncle Bunk" Morgan; four legendary characters who will be remembered and cherished so long as good books are written and the lovers of fine writing peruse them. A fast paced, unforgettable saga of what we consider hardships and they considered a grim but pleasant reality.

Larry Russell
Author Larry Russell

Come and enjoy our pie socials, box suppers, and the Sedona Literary and Social Club, where every resident is an actor, a singer, or a budding poet. Visit our world of white lightning, home brew, Cajun violinists and "Satidy Night" dances. Share the wonderment of it all through the eyes of Adam, who scaled the heights of joy and plumbed the depths of fear in a world that tempered him, strengthened him, and hopefully, prepared him for a better life to come.

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