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Songs of Life
Eileen Mager, soprano
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Composer Piece Samples
Ralph Vaughan Williams 1. Darest Thou Now, O Soul
Johann Sebastian Bach 2. Cantata No. 100; Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan
Lindsay A. Lafford, Lord of Ridley 3. High O'er the Lonely Hills
Lori Laitman Three songs from I Never Saw Another Butterfly
4. The Butterfly
5. Yes, That's the Way Things Are
6. Birdsong
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 7. Ridente la calma
Robert L. Morris Two songs from Lyric Suite
8. Gospel Blues
9. Juba: Ev'rytime I Feel the Spirit
Ralph Vaughan Williams 10. From Far, From Eve and Morning
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 11. Laudate Dominum (Psalm 116)
Franz Schubert 12. An die Musik
James DeMars 13. Recordare, An American Requiem
Robert Schumann 14. Widmung
Max Janowski 15. Yih'yu L'ratson
Max Janowski 16. Adon Olam
Max Janowski 17. Avinu Malkeynu
Gustov Holst 18. I Vow to Thee, My Country
Lindsay A. Lafford, Lord of Ridley 19. Psalm 23
Gustav Holst Four Songs for Voice and Violin
20. Jesu Sweet
21. My Soul Has Nought But Fire and Ice
22. I Sing of a Maiden
23. My Leman is So True
William L. Dawson 24. Ain't-a That Good News?
Benjamin Britten 25. For I will consider my Cat, Jeoffry from Refoice in the Lamb
Johann Sebastian Bach 26. Wie feudig ist mein Herz from Cantata No. 199

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Operatic Vivaldi:
Passion, Intrigue, Revenge, & Joy

Eileen Mager, soprano
Caroline Markham, mezzo-soprano
Darrell Rowader, tenor

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Piece Operatic Vivaldi
1-3. Il Giustino, RV 717
4-6. La Griselda, RV 718
7-9. II Farnace, RV 711
10-14. La Fida Ninfa, RV 714

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Christmas Treasures
Wonderful carols you never knew

Eileen Mager, soprano

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Composer Piece Samples Christmas Treasures
14th century Latin carol 1. Puer Natus (A Son Is Born) RAM | WMA
Traditional Spanish carol 2. A la Nanita Nana RAM | WMA
Provençal carol attributed to Nicolas Saboly 3. Touro-Louro-Louro! RAM | WMA
Glatz folk song, words by C. D. Schubart 4. Wiegenlied der Hirten (Shepherds’ Cradle Song) RAM | WMA
Traditional French carol 5. Noël Nouvelet (Christmas Comes Anew)
Traditional Catalonian carol 6. El Desembre Congelat (The Icy December)
Kentucky carol, words by Isaac Watts 7. Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber
from a German 16th century nativity play 8. Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht (While by My Sheep)
Traditional Galician carol 9. Falade Ben Baixo (We’ll Speak Very Softly)
Chinese carol by Liang Chien Fong, words by Yang Ching Chin 10. Midnight, Sleeping Bethlehem
18th Century French carol 11. Quoique Soyez Petit Encore (Although You Are Still Small)
Traditional Puerto Rican carol 12. De Tierra Lejana Venimos (From a Distant Home We Come)
Traditional Polish carol 13. Lulajze Jezuniu (Lullaby, Jesus)
17th century Burgundian carol, attributed to Bernard de la Monnoye 14. Pat-a-Pan
15. O, Po’ Little Jesus
17th Century Scottish carol 16. Baloo, Lammy
Traditional Puerto Rican carol 17. A la Media Noche (At Midnight)
Angevin folk song 18. Entre le Boeuf et l’Ane Gris (Between the Ox and Ass)
Polish carol 19. Dziasiaj w Betlejem (Rejoice, Bethlehem)
Catalonian carol 20. El Cant dels Ocells (Carol of the Birds)
English carol 21. Blessed Be That Maid Marie
Spanish carol 22. Las Posadas (The Lodging)
French & Huron Indian carol 23. ’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
American Negro Spiritual 24. Sing-a-Lamb
Austrian carol 25. Still, Still, Still
Traditional Catalonian carol 26. Fum, Fum, Fum!

About This CD

This is the perfect Christmas gift. "Christmas Treasures" is a collection of beautiful but little-known Christmas carols from around the world, sung by Eileen Mager's warm and clear voice. The accompaniments are arranged and performed by Ellen Brown, using sounds carefully chosen to reflect each carol's culture of origin. The carols are sung in their original languages and in English.

Christmas is the season for which more music has been written than any other: gorgeous music, touching music, charming music, grand music, light-hearted music, even funny music. Some Christmas music was written by famous composers, and some by people whose names will never be known. And the sad thing is that most of it is only rarely heard. The artists wanted to share a very special kind of delightful Christmas carol: The kind you don’t hear all the time, and may never have heard at all.

The carols on this recording are, of course, celebratory of the Christmas story. But they also give insights into the cultures from which they come, because each culture expresses the Christmas story in its own metaphor. For example, you find echo carols (like Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht) coming from Alpine countries, where there are echoes aplenty. The Huron Indian carol, Twas in the Moon of Wintertime speaks of wrapping the baby Jesus in a ragged rabbit skin.

Make this lovely and engaging recording a part of your own personal Christmas tradition.

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Broadway: Love & Laughter
Eileen Mager, soprano

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Piece Samples Eileen Mager
1. If I Were a Bell RAM | WMA
2. Here's That Rainy Day RAM | WMA
3. I Cain't Say No RAM | WMA
4. Bewitched RAM | WMA
5. I Feel Pretty RAM | WMA
6. I Hate Men
7. He Loves Me
8. Song on the Sand
9. The Physician
10. Before I Gaze at You Again
11. Show Me!
12. My Ship
13. To Keep My Love Alive
14. Bill
15. You Could Drive a Person Crazy
16. How Long Has This Been Going On?
17. A Wonderful Guy
18. But Not for Me
19. I Can Cook, Too
20. Little Girl Blue
21. Adelaide's Lament
22. Losing My Mind
23. They All Laughed

About This CD

Broadway musicals have always been about love in its infinite forms. This has resulted in a huge crop of wonderful love songs - joyous, sad, flirtations, angry, passionate, mischievous, touching. They range from the deeply serious to the out-and-out hilarious, as. come to thing of it, does love itself.

So in this recording, West Side Story's Maria proclaims her joy in "I Feel Pretty" and South Pacific's Nellie Forbush displays similar feelings in "A Wonderful Guy."

We also have Guys & Dolls's Adelaide singing "Adelaide's Lament" about the cold she's developed because of the frustration of a 14-year engagement to Nathan Detroit that seems destined never to result in a wedding.

Pal Joey's Vera, a sophisticated "older" woman, who knows Joey isn't worth it, sings about finding herself nonetheless "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."

Of course, Kate of Kiss Me, Kate in no uncertain terms announces "I Hate Men," while Oklahoma's irrepressible Ado Annie sings "I Cain't Say No."

On the Town's lady taxi driver, Hildy, tries to convince us of her total desirability with the madcap seduction of "I Can Cook, Too," while Sally of Follies sings of her total immersion in her love in one of Broadway's most touching love songs, "Losing My Mind."

As you may have guessed, the hardest part was limiting the number of songs to what could be scrunched into a single CD.

We hope you enjoy them.
Eileen Mager

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Classic French Songs
Eileen Mager, soprano

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Composer Piece Samples Eileen Mager
Giraud/Dréjac 1. Sous Le Ciel De Paris
Hahn/Hugo 2. Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailes
Philippe-Gérard/Vannier 3. Le Chevalier De Paris
Léo Ferré/Gaussimon 4. A La Seine
Martini 5. Plaisir D'Amour
Ferrat/Aragon 6. Le Malheur D'Aimer
Fauré/Verlaine 7. Clair De Lune
Kosma/Prévert 8. Les Feuilles Mortes
Ferré 9. Mister Georgina
Saint-Saens/Barbier & Carré 10. Le Bonheur Est Chose Légère
Ferrè/Aragon 11. Blues
Kosma/Prévert 12. Barbara
Debussy/Bourget 13. Romance
Ferré 14. Paris Canaille
Duparc/Baudelaire 15. L'Invitation Au Voyage
Jean Ferrat/Aragon 16. J'Entends J'Entends
Fauré/Silvestre 17. Chanson D'Amour
Brel 18. Ne Me Quitte Pas
Ferrat/Arago 19. Heureux Celui Qui Meurt D'Aimer
Satie/Bonnaud & Blès 20. La Diva De "L'Empire"

About This CD

This collection of French songs, which has received praise from the legendary French entertainment figure Jean-Christophe Averty on his “France-Culture” radio show, includes songs from as far back as 1800 to the 1950s, many of them real rarities. The recording is perfect for lovers of great songs, whether or not those lovers happen to be French speakers (the booklet includes translations of all the songs). The songs include some old favorites -- such as Plaisir d’Amour, Ne Me Quitte Pas, and Les Feuilles Mortes (“Autumn Leaves”) -- and many which are virtually never heard in the U.S. -- such as Barbara, Celui Qui Meurt d’Aimer, and Paris Canaille. They are sung beautifully in the original French by Eileen Mager, whose voice is gorgeous and versatile, and whose expressiveness is truly special.

Pianist/keyboardist/arranger Ellen Brown, who also accompanied her on her Christmas Treasures and her "Broadway: Love & Laughter" albums, accompanies on this recording with her usual superb style and sensitivity.

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Vivaldi a Due Voce
Eileen Mager
Isola Jones

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Piece Samples Vivaldi a Due Voce CD
1. Laudamus te (Duet)
2. Lascera (Isola Jones)
3. La farfalletta s'aggira al lume (Eileen Mager)
4. Sebben sente (Jones)
5. Esurientes implevit bonis (Duet) MP3
6. Aria: Spirat anguis inter flores (Mager)
T'intendo si mio cor (Mager)
7. Aria: T'intendo si mio cor
8. Recitative: Aure soavi e grate
9. Aria: Placido zeffiretto MP3
10. Dimmi, pastore (Duet) MP3
O qui coeli terraeque serenitas (Jones)
11. Aria: O qui coeli terraeque serenitas
12. Recit: Fac ut sordescat tellus
13. Aria: Rosa quae moritur
14. Alleluia MP3
15. Gloria et Divitiae (Duet)
16. Sposa son disprezzata (Mager)
17. Di due rai (Jones)
18. Agitata da due venti (Mager)
19. Laudamus te (Duet) MP3

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