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JDT 3179
Couperin, 45 Selected Pieces for Piano (2 CD set)
Ray McIntyre, Piano
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Couperin, 45 Selected Pieces for Piano (2 CD set)
Ray McIntyre, Piano

CD 1

1. Pastorale
2. Mlle de Charolais's Piece
3. The Bees
4. The Birth of the Lillies (harpsichord)
5. The Birth of the Lillies (piano)
6. The Jest
7. The Trifle
8. The Little Windmills
9. Gavotte (2d. Order)
10. Sister Monique
11. Minuet (1st Order)
12. Sheepfolds
13. Canary
14. Mimi
15. March of the Grey-clad
16. The Little Dairy-maids of Bagnolet
17. Harlequin
18. Diana
19. Lord Bersan's Piece
20. Wandering Shades
21. Cupid's Fatal Arrows
22. Reveille
23. Distraught
24. The Florentine
25. Princess Marie
26. Baubles
27. Bells
28. Scintillating Bontemps-Natural Graces
29. Tender Fanchon
30. The Flatterer

CD 2

1. Second Courante (2d. Order)
2. Pretty Madelon-Sweet Janneton
3. The Nightingale in Love (harpsichord)
4. The Nightingale in Love (var., piano)
5. The Exquisite Allemande
6. The Carillon at Cythera
7. The Favorite
8. Couperin's Piece
9. The Convalescent
10. The Artist
11. The French Folies or Masquerades
12. The Old Lords, a solemn Sarabande
13. The God of Marriage and of Love
14. Atalanta
15. Raphael
16.. Triumph

* Sound samples are 2 min. in Real Audio

About This CD

While no piece by the great François Couperin (organist in Louis XIV's chapel and music master to the royal family) is easy to play, the technical difficulties, which require precise attack and release and the interjection of myriad, little silences, in no way present audible difficulties for the listener. On the contrary, the highly ornamented line readily integrates itself to the ear. One is charmed, fascinated, even spellbound by the seemingly unending twisting and turning of Couperin's richly curvilineal melody.

This set of 2 CDs presents forty five selected harpsichord pieces of François Couperin, beautifully adapted to modern piano while preserving the elements of the Baroque style.

Ray McIntyre's biography has appeared in various editions of American Keyboard Artists (Chicago) and International Who's Who in Music (Cambridge, England). He served as director of the Music and Art Center, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont, from 1960-1970. From 1970-1972, Mr. McIntyre lectured on Music History at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria and was a Professor of Piano at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien (Vienna) from 1972 until 1983. During this time, he pursued his passionate interest in research on historical performance practice by availing himself of the rich musical resources available to him. In 1983 he returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives with his family and teaches piano and harpsichord.

He is a frequent adjudicator and lecturer-recitalist on historical performance for various organisations, including the National Convention of the Music Teachers National Association, Wichita, Kansas, 1989, and was awarded a Master Teacher Certificate by that organisation in 1993.

As a harpsichordist, McIntyre rates with the best in the land," said the Detroit Free Press in 1956.

In 1968, the New York Times wrote of him, "McIntyre's forceful playing...showed a fine ability to accumulate the special austere kind of grandness of sonority and line the harpsichord is capable of...a serious musician with intelligent, individual ideas."

Well informed on historical performance practice, and with his extensive background as a concert harpsichordist, Mr. McIntyre brings to life the harpsichord pieces of Couperin on the piano (and harpsichord) by demonstrating that with an understanding of the style elements, touch, articulation, note inequality, treatment of silence and an understanding of ornamentation, the harpsichord pieces of Couperin become universal keyboard works.

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