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Phoenix USA
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JDT 169
Lou Harrison: "A Portrait"
California Symphony
Lou Harrison: "A Portrait"

Piece Samples
1. Elegy, to the Memory of Calvin Simmons
William Banovetz solo oboe
Solstice excerpts
2. I Garden of the Sun MP4 | MP3 | WMA
3. II Entrance of the Moon Bull
4. IV Earth's Invitation
5. V Vernal Dance
6. VIII Turning of the Wheel
7. Finale - Blaze of the Day
Timothy Day solo flute
MP4 | MP3 | WMA
Concerto in slendro
8. I Allegro vivo
9. II Molto adagio
10. III Allegro, molto vigoroso
Maria Bachmann violin
Symphony No. 4 (Last Symphony)
11. I Largo - Tempo II almost double tempo
12. II Stampede - poco presto
13. III Largo
14. IV Three Coyote Stories* MP4 | MP3 | WMA
Introduction/Coyote's Path/Story I/Coyote's Path/Story II/Coyote's Path/Story III/Finale
Al Jarreau* vocalist
15. Double Music collab. John Cage

Al Jarreau, vocals
Lou Harrison's "A Portrait"
The California Symphony, Barry Jekowsky,conductor

Gifted with a voice that has been likened to a caressing breeze on silk, the innovative musical expressions of the five time GRAMMY AWARD winner AL Jarreau have made him one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed performers of our time. With a host of chart topping singles spanning musical genres, including "Breakin' Away", "We're in this love together", "Mornin." and "Boogie down", he holds the honor of being one of the rare artists to have one GRAMMIES in three different categories: Pop, Jazz and R&B. On this CD, Al Jarreau is featured in a rap riff of Lou Harrison's "Story of the 3 Coyotes."

Lou Harrison has stated that music is essentially "a song and a dance," expansive melodies and lively rhythm. He visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia, and became very influenced by the Gamelan Orchestra. He was fond of using percussion and bell effects together in his compositions.

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JDT 169

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