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JDT 123
Jaime Laredo, violin, Ruth Laredo, piano, Earl Carlyss, violin, Ann Schein, piano
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Ned Rorem Day Music
Night Music
Jaime Laredo, violin
Ruth Laredo, piano Day Music
Earl Carlyss, violin  
Ann Schein, piano Night Music

Reissued from a pair of early-70s Desto LPs, "Day Music" and "Night Music" are separate yet complementary violin-and-piano suites, alternating short, spiky movements with those of longer lyrical persuasion. Ned Rorem's reputation deservedly rests upon his large catalog of songs, but those pieces of chamber music he has composed are inevitably well crafted, attractive, and concise. These two are no exception, designed to display instrumental skill while charming the listener. Most effective when he unwinds bittersweet, slightly melancholic melodies, the music benefits from a soupcon of dissonance, sinew in the more aggressive moments, a suggestion of noirish atmosphere in "Night Music". But don't put too much faith in the titles of the individual sections: Rorem has reported elsewhere that they were attached well after the music was composed.

Carlyss and Schein are excellent in "Night Music"; the Laredos' something more, presenting "Day Music" in the best possible light. Worth hearing.

Art Lange: Fanfare Magazine

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