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JDT 135
Durufle/Ravel/Casadesus MUSIC FOR TWO PIANOS
Arianna Goldina, piano, Remy Loumbrozo, piano
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Durufle/Ravel/Casadesus MUSIC FOR TWO PIANOS
Maurice Durufle Trois Danses Pour Orchestre
Robert Casadesus Trois Danses Mediterraneennes
Maurice Ravel La Valse
Rhapsodie Espagnole
Sites Auriculaires (Habanera, Entre-Cloches)
Arianna Goldina, piano
Remy Loumbrozo, piano

This is a beguiling collection of lilting, colorful dance music by three French composers under the thrall of Iberian rhythmic and melodic patterns. Maurice Duruflé wrote his Trois Danses for orchestra in 1932. This two-piano version was published posthumously, and this is the world premiere recording. Those who know Duruflé's Requiem and organ music will be familiar with the gentle poetry and the intricate, delicate construction of the score, which is imbued with a Neoclassical graciousness. The music of the great pianist Robert Casadesus is, likewise, a model of elegant composition and subdued expression. His music is not devoid of emotion, but the decorative elements are at the forefront.

The majority of CD consumers interested in the music of Ravel featured on this recital would tend to opt for the orchestral versions. This music is, after all, all about color and dynamics that are so easily conveyed by a large ensemble. To the great credit of this husband and wife team, the big band was never missed in these scintillating, dramatic performances. Goldina and Loumbrozo achieve a rhythmic elasticity that would be remarkable for a soloist, and is truly stunning for a four-piano performance. That fluidity makes for an especially sensuous La Valse. Aficionados of French piano music and great four-hand piano playing should enjoy this excellent recording, which is presented in lovely, realistic sound.

Peter Burwasser: Fanfare Magazine

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