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cd coverStudies, Memories & Moons
JDT 3170

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Etudes Simples, Leo Brouwer (b. 1940), Cuba
Twenty Solo Guitar Studies (W. Simcoe)
1-5. Primera serie (First Series)
6-10. Segunda seris (Second Series)
11-15. Tercera serie (Third Series)
Cuarta serie (Fourth Series)

Suite del Recuerdo, Jose Luis Merlin (b. 1952), Argentina
21. Evocacion
22. Zamba
23. Chacarera
25. Evocacion

Three Moons
, David Leisner (b. 1954), USA
Suite for Guitar and Cello (W. Simcoe and L. Nielson)
27. Orange Moon
28. Pale Moon
Red Moon

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About This CD

Solo classical guitar and a suite for guitar and cello, all music by modern composers - Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, Argentine composer Jose Luis Merlin, and American composer David Leisner.

The Brouwer Estudios Sencillos, or Simple Studies, are a wonderfully musical set of studies by the great Cuban composer/guitarist/conductor Leo Brouwer - one of the great guitar composers of our time.

The Suite del Recuerdo of Jose Luis Merlin is dedicated to the memory of many thousands of "disappeared ones" from the days of the military junta in Argentina. This is very haunting, romantic music, with typical South American folk dances as the basis.

"This is an homage to memories, my memories. To the collective memories of my people living in nostalgia, tormented, anguished, happy and hopeful. Memories from the country, in San Luis, with all the smells and sounds from the country. It is like looking inside yourself in very profound silence. Memories of afternoons with grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins. All enjoying each other, sharing our feelings and playing guitar., sitting in the back yard drinking wine, under the vines. Lots of them are not here anymore. They are in my memories."
- Jose Luis Merlin

David Leisner's Three Moons is a dream-like piece for guitar and cello that was written for a New York dance troupe.

"Orange Moon" is a fugue. It is about Wonder, in both senses of questioning and of awe in the presence of mystery and magic. In "Pale Moon (Owl's Lullaby)", for violoncello solo, a gentle, lyrical song attempts to lull to sleep a bird that refuses to sleep in the dark. The lullaby is repeatedly interrupted by pizzicato plucks, like blinking the eyes or shaking oneself to stay awake, while the lyrical melody and the pizzicato grow from fragments at the beginning, to full phrases, and back again to fragments. "Red Moon' is music of confrontation; of anger, passion, and ecstasy all intertwined."
- David Leisner

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