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Enchanted Wind
Flute meditations for the heart & soul

Suzanne Teng
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Track # & Piece Samples Music for peace, love and healing.
Beautiful and heartwarming meditations played on alto flute, bass flute, bamboo flutes and the rare contrabass flute with delicate accompaniment on harp, dulcimer, harmonium and zithers.
Quiet music for quiet times.

1. Breath Of Love
8:30 | bass flute, swaramandala
2. Above the Clouds
9:40 | alto flute, celtic harp
The sweet little bird you hear in the distance insisted on singing with Bobbie Jo. We love his contribution!
3. Dark Moon
9:11 | bamboo flute, harmonium
4. September's Angels
9:04 | bamboo flute, dulcimer, harmonium
This flute arrived in the mail on 9/10...
it was my source of solace on 9/11.
This piece is dedicated to the thousands
of people who became angels that tragic morning.
5. Floating Bamboo
10:01 | dizi, ghu zheng (Chinese flute and zither), bamboo wind chimes, kartals
6. Loltun
6:24 | contrabass flute
Loltun is an enormous and powerful cave in the Yucatan where I was blessed to feel what the Mayans call the "breath of God."
7. Light of the Heart
9:28 | bass flute, tambura

Suzanne Teng - alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, bamboo flutes, dizi, swaramandala, ghu zheng, keyboards
Gilbert Levy - bass dulcimer, harmonium, tambura, bamboo wind chimes, kartals, keyboards
Bobbie Jo Curleu - celtic harp

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Miles Beyond, Suzanne TengMiles Beyond
Suzanne Teng, Gilbert Levy
JDT 3171

1. Medicine Wheel
2. Sierra
3. Babylonians
4. Sitara
5. Motherland
6. Suling
Miles Beyond
9. Tien's Lullaby

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About this CD
(notes from the artist )

This piece is based on a melody that I heard over and over in the cafes in Bali. What a nice memory...

Chicoy is a magical cave in Guatemala where a shaman priest named Don Geronimo led Gilbert and me through a spontaneous wedding ceremony. In return, we were requested to make a musical offering to the spirits of the cave. The piece grew out of that offering which we played on this very flute and drum.

Miles Beyond
Once in a while a musical composition is channeled without forethought or conversation. Miles Beyond came to us in this way. It is one of our favorite pieces and that is why we would like to dedicate it to our son, Miles.

Mystic Journey, Suzanne TengMystic Journey
JDT 3077

1. Topanga Dreams
2. Katyia's Dance
3. China Lily
4. Fertile Crescent
5. Lhasa Love
6. Aduman
Darjeeling Sunrise
8. Clouds Across the Darkness
9. Silver Lake
10. Lotus

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About this CD
(notes from the artist )

Topanga Dreams
Since 1988, I've lived in Topanga, California. This small mountain town has taught me the true meaning of community. By being there for each other, we can make dreams come true. May all your dreams come true...

Katyia's Dance
This song has evolved from being a solo dance performance piece in our Mystic Journey shows into a passionate tango...for two. So grab someone you love and enjoy the dance!

China Lily
This flute was a gift from my Dize (rhymes with pizza) teacher and is one of my favorites. Whenever I play it, I am transported to a place of inner peace and stillness.

Lhasa Love
I found this melody in a book of traditional Chinese folk songs, It was called Tibetan Dance before we transformed it into a lively multicultural boogie!

Although there are many dialects spoken in the West African region of Guinea and Mali, the universal word for "sweet" amongst all the tribes is aduman.

Darjeeling Sunrise
Inspired by an Indian sunrise raga, this song reflects the experience that I had when I was on top of Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, India, witnessing a magical sunrise illuminating the awesome Himalayan mountains.


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